Since 10 years, MAD strives to push the boundaries and codes of the horological brands, to offer its customers tailor-made and unique timepieces.

Our Parisian workshops now benefit from an unrivaled experience, allowing them to continually excel in the art of customization, with the sole aim to provide customers the best of bespoke watches.


MAD offers to its customers a lifetime warranty on all the customizations, and an international 5 years’ service warranty.

MAD timepieces are second hand watches. All the customization operations are done with great care by experienced watchmakers. Customizations are not made in partnership with the watch manufacturers, and the warranties are not valid anymore, and replaced by MAD warranties.


MAD called upon the best craftsmen in prestige watches and great technicians to acquire the perfect mastery of customization processes. All the customizations are performed with the utmost care, and the watches are all assembled in our workshop.

Each detail counts, from the most discreet personalization to the most technical, all the steps are carefully respected and controled, in order to obtain a product that meets the highest requirements.