Legal Notice

Legal Notice

MAD watches are second hand watches, customized by watchmakers with the highest required standards. 

The customization on watches invalidates the official brand manufacturer’s guarantee. 

For each customized watch, MAD provides an international five-years guarantee from the date of purchase. 

The guarantee is a “parts and labor guarantee” which covers every manufacturing fault or latent defect but it rules out damages caused by fair wear and tear, theft, damage caused by shock, inappropriate use or natural disasters and immaterial damage.

The watch guarantee will only be effective if the purchase date has been properly filled in with the correct date on it by the authorized reseller. 

If the watch has been opened or damaged by an unauthorized person, MAD will no longer give its guarantee. 

Forged or distorted guarantee certificate or photocopy, will not be valid and received for the guarantee processing. 

MAD is an independent company and is not affiliated with any watch company. The Watches referenced, their likeness, their logo, and all other products and services are trademarks or registered trademarks of watch brand companies, independent of MAD

Some of the watches displayed online are computer generated. 

MAD created this website to deliver information about the MAD company and its products. MAD made great efforts to display realistic graphic elements on the website. Nevertheless, some alterations and differences might appear with the final product. Those differences might be caused by the settings of your navigator, your computer or other reasons.