Your luxury watch from Cartier customized by MAD Paris

Wear a watch inspired by you. Personalize your Cartier watch with MAD Paris: DLC coating, colours, finish.

A high-end luxury personalization service

With a highly personalized service, MAD Paris and its super-experimented craftsmen’s, take you through the entire process of modification of your Cartier*, from a simple DLC coating, to a more extensive range of changes like dials, initials engraving etc. Everything is possible, from integrating a drawing onto the dial, to changing colours on the hands, our watchmakers can do anything to make your dream-Cartier* watch come true. All you have to do is to think of what you like, pick the material you prefer (gold-steel…), any type of bezels, bracelets, colours that will change your Cartier* into a bespoke watch.
Highly experienced, our in-house engineers are masters when it comes to Cartier* watches. Directly customized from our workshop in Paris, the watches whether in gold or stainless steel, become true work of art thanks to their mastery. Engraving, DLC coating, and other personalization such as colour changing are some of the possibilities to make your individuality shine out.

If you are really up for it, but can’t find the inspiration, MAD Paris offers a large range of already modified Cartier* watches, in line with what’s currently on trend. This Cartier* selection is made of the most iconic watches. All are made to order on our website and selected point of sales around the world.

Selected MAD Paris point of sales throughout the world

Specialized in customization of luxury watches (vintage or modern), MAD Paris meets all expectations in terms of high-end personalization. For all inquiries, fill out the form on our website or come and find us in one our selected point of sales in France: Paris, Courchevel, Monaco, Saint-Barthelemy French West Indies and abroad (USA, Qatar, UK, Saudi Arabia and Singapore).

MAD Paris watches are second-hand watches personalized with the deepest care by highly qualified watchmakers. These watches don’t benefit from the original constructor warranty. MAD Paris is an independent company not affiliated with any watch manufactures.

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