Customize you Audemars Piguet watch with MAD Paris

Personalize you Audemars Piguet watch with MAD Paris, specialist of luxury watches personalisation: dial, bracelet, bezel, case

A high-end luxury personalization service

From the simplest, to the most complex personalization, MAD Paris takes you through the entire creative process of your Audemars Piguet* watch. Bezel, dial, buckle and bracelet, our watchmakers can do anything up to coating the entire watch in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). This super-resistant material to wear and corrosion brings a real specific and sharp aesthetic. 

With MAD Paris, you can decide to be part of this journey or simply choose among one of our already pre-customized models by our in-house master-watchmakers. This trendy range of watches is available in a number of combinations and oscillate from simple to heavy modifications, in a wide selections of Audemars Piguet* top-sellers.

All of our watches are made in the purest watchmaking tradition in our Paris workshop. Our highly experimented craftsmen and watchmakers are experts in Audemars Piguet* watches and respect their specificities whether they are in gold or stainless steel, vintage or part of the current collections.

Selected MAD Paris point of sales throughout the world

Specialized in customization of luxury watches (vintage or modern), MAD Paris meets all expectations in terms of high-end personalization. For all inquiries, fill out the form on our website or come and find us in one our selected point of sales in France: Paris, Courchevel, Monaco, Saint-Barthelemy French West Indies and abroad (USA, Qatar, UK, Saudi Arabia and Singapore).

MAD Paris watches are second-hand watches personalized with the deepest care by highly qualified watchmakers. These watches don’t benefit from the original constructor warranty. MAD Paris is an independent company not affiliated with any watch manufactures.

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