Is MAD company officially affiliated with any of the brands referenced on this website ?

No. MAD is an independant company customizing luxury goods.

What are the guarantees provided by MAD ?

Modifications made to watches invalidate the official brand manufacturer’s guarantee. Therefore, MAD provides for each customized watch an international 5 years' service guarantee that covers the same terms as the official brands. Customization operations are lifetime covered.

Are all the watches brand new ?

We are not partners and/or distributors of the watch manufacturers. All the watches are second hand watches, customize by our workshop. Original warranties are not valid anymore, only is the MAD warranty.

Is the DLC coating permanent ?

The DLC coating protects steel from daily scratches. In case of an important impact, steel under the coating might appear. DLC's hardness is related to the material on which it applies. Therefore it is less strong on gold.

Can MAD customize one’s watch ?

Yes. The workshop will give its answer depending on the watch's condition. Once all the conditions are agreed, the customization process can start.

How will the watches be delivered ?

The watches will be delivered insured and through secured and specialized shippers, to any location.

Do the watches keep their waterproof ability ?

All the watches keep their original properties, except Patek Philippe watches which are not made for water after being customized.


Each retailer is free to use its own commercial conditions. In case of online order, we only accept bank wires. All the details are confidentially sent by mail.

How long will it take to receive a customized watch ?

From the date of order to the delivery, a range of 1 to 6 weeks is required, depending on the complexity of the customer's demand.

In case of problem with my watch, who can handle it ?

In case of issue with your MAD watch, you can contact and drop your watch to the nearest retailer to your location. You can also contact us directly threw our online contact form.